Effect of urine glucose level on gardening likeliness

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Hassan Ameen


If someone is likening gardening, it means that he/she is focused on it and it may be due to some interactions of soil pests or insects. Objective of the present study was to correlate urine glucose with gardening likeliness. Gardening is a natural phenomenon which deals indirect or direct with environment. A urine glucose level measured. It has been done on students. Both male and female comes in this subject. Planting intercessions, in any case, offer more than in a general sense contact with nature. They are regularly social mediations, offering chances to individuals to work together with others. It was conclude from this subject that urine glucose has effect on gardening likeliness. It was concluded from the present studied that a person which have no urine glucose they were more like gardening, than which have urine glucose they were dislike gardening.


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