Relation of cartoon watching with urine pH

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Hafiza Memoona Irfan


Introduction: If someone is interested in cartoon watching then there will be some chances to be high and low in urine pH. Material and Method: The main motive of the study was to interconnect cartoon watching with urine pH. The pH of urine is actually the measurement of acidic and alkaline pH. Moreover, for the measurement of urine pH, a test named as urine test is performed. The high and low level of urine may be harmful. Result: There were about 60 students involved in this research. All of them were the students of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. They were between the age of 19–22. They shared their point of views about the affection and distest of cartoon watching. Conclusion: It was concluded from the presence study that the topmost students having normal pH level do not like cartoon watching while others like cartoon watching.


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