Is there any correlation between perfume allergy and urobilinogen?

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Mah Rukh


The correlation between perfume allergy and urobilinogen is discussed in this research. Urobilinogen is the colorless fluid produced by the reduction of bilirubin. This process normally occurs in the small intestine. The normal range of urobilinogen in urinary tract is below 17 umol/L; hence, its increased or decreased levels show that there is some kind of disease in urinary tract. Some of the main causes of abnormal level of urobilinogen in urine are hemolysis, liver disease, rotor syndrome, congestive heart failure, and bile duct obstruction. Perfumes contain certain chemicals and when the particles of these chemicals enter into the body by inhalation then T-lymphocytes of our immune system are disturbed leading to different allergic response in our body. About 60% of males have urobilinogen in their urine and are also allergic to perfumes while 55% of females have urobilinogen and are allergic to perfumes as well.


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