Study on Role of Clinical Pharmacist in counselling of Diabetic Patients Study on Role of Clinical Pharmacist in counselling of Diabetic Patients

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Sabbu Rahul


Background: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is one of the major causes of illness and disability across the world. Patient knowledge, Attitude, Practice (KAP) of the diabetes is an important aspect and it has direct effect on quality of life(QOL).The main objective of the study is to assess the impact of clinical pharmacist provided patient counseling in diabetes patients in a tertiary care teaching hospital.
Methodology: A prospective interventional study was conducted in general medicine department for six months. About one hundred and twenty patients were enrolled and counseled from day of admission to day discharge through oral counselling, patient information leaflet & pictorial aid. Suitably designed KAP questionnaire based on disease condition was administered and responses were coded at baseline and after counselling. The collected data were analyzed by using SPSS 19.OV.1BM software.
Results: The study participants had a mean (SD) age of 53.96±13.25.The mean±SD of post counselling knowledge score was 11.58±1.96, Attitude 4.64±0.85, Practice 4.71±1.32, with maximum possible score for knowledge, Attitude, Practice being 14.5 and 3 respectively.
Conclusion: At the end of the, study the score of post counselling on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice were significantly improved (P <0.001).Hence this study conclude that patient counselling by clinical pharmacist can play a vital role in imparting education to the diabetic patients.

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